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Francis Scott Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby in a New Adaptation!
Everyone knows The Great Gatsby, every American reader, and everyone who belonged to the cream of the crop in 1920’s New York that F. S. Fitzgerald captured in his famous novel. We have carefully cut the book down to 4 hours, cast more than 30 actors, added real sounds and period jazz music. The illusion is perfect, so simply press PLAY and you will become one of the characters in the story.
It’s the story of Nick Carraway, a young man form the Midwest and a New York businessman, his neighbor Jay Gatsby – an extravagant millionaire longing for his great love. The Great Gatsby is a fascinating portrait of the Jazz Age generation that lived, loved, caroused, experienced disappointment, and believed in new beginnings. This colorful interpretation is a thrilling experience and a tribute to Fitzgerald’s loved novel.
Lidsay Taylor
An actress, producer, artistic director and director. She studied theater arts at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, after which she worked as a director and in sales. Recently her career path has taken her to the Czech Republic, where she founded A Broad's Way Productions, a multimedia theater company, and Prague Film and Theater Center a meeting place for professionals and new projects. She produced the documentary The Road Less Run and is working with Three Brothers Production on historical projects.
Dimitrij Dudík
Author and director Dimitrij Dudík graduated from the Prague Theatre Academy of Performing Arts in 1995 studying Dramaturg; at that time he was already employed as a director at the Municipal Theatre in Most, Czech republic. In the following years he has worked as a director in many Czech city theaters. Since 2000 he has worked as a regular director for Czech Radio. He has created about five thousand recorded programs, authored hundreds of texts, a number of radio adaptations, prepared readings and dramatizations, and authored nine radio plays. He has also recorded about a hundred audiobooks for a variety of Czech spoken word publishers.

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